Sport and movement therapy

Sport and movement therapy

Sport and movement therapeutic measures stabilise and improve physical strength for daily life, work and recreation and support the reinstatement of body functions impaired through immobilisation and lack of movement.

Our sport and movement therapists motivate you and enable you to be physically active also after the rehabilitation and to pay better attention to your health.

According to the principle “learning by doing”, you are integrated into the planning and steering of your training, and increasingly take on autonomy for this. In the therapy groups, you purposefully work according to the principles “from light to heavy” and “from easy to complex”. In this way, you have a positive self-effectiveness experience and therefore utilise your mental and social resources.

Relatives may accompany the patients on “nature active training”.

Sport therapeutic service

  • Endurance training on land and in water
  • Visual display-monitored endurance training
  • Strength training and muscle development with and without machines
  • Indoor and outdoor activities for movement orientation
  • Balance training for fall prevention with and without machines
  • Gymnastics groups for general mobilisation
  • Terrain training “nature active training”
  • Seminar on physical fitness “actively shaping health”