Physiotherapeutic measures aim to eliminate, improve or compensate for illness/operative-related functional disorders, for example, pain, strength, movement and coordination deficits.

In the process, you learn to adequately manage your illness, i.e. you discover your potential and also the limits of your physical strength. Our physiotherapists guide you and point out your possibilities with regard to self-training, in order that you can manage the daily tasks in the household and at work again, and as a result improve your quality of life.

If everyday skills cannot be re-attained within the scope of the rehabilitation, but rather must be compensated for, then the provision and handling of resources is an integral component of the Physiotherapy Department.

In such cases, relatives can be actively integrated into the physiotherapy in order to motivate during the transition phase into the home environment and after the rehabilitation, and assist appropriately with daily activities.

Physiotherapeutic service

  • Individual treatment as functional physiotherapy, also in exercise pools and for early mobilisation indication-specific group treatment, also in water for chronic back pain and following orthopaedic and neuro-surgical operations to the spinal column and following orthopaedic surgery to the limbs
  • Group treatment as mobilisation gymnastics, coordination and balance training
  • Gait and prostheses walking training
  • Back training

Applied physiotherapeutic methods and concepts

  • Manual therapy / Maitland
  • Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF)
  • Bobath
  • Osteopathy, including visceral osteopathy
  • Cranio-sacral therapy
  • Functional kinematics (FBL)
  • Sport physiotherapy