Physical therapy

Forms of physical therapy act as relaxing, to stimulate blood flow, remove blockages or act positively on neuromusculoskeletal function disorders and functional disorders of the lymphatic vessels and veins.

They help to alleviate pain and in healing function disorders of the skin. Physical measures also support the improvement of your state of health in case of gastrointestinal problems, with urinary incontinence and with disorders of respiratory function.

Services of the Physical Therapy Department

  • Thermal-light-sound therapy: Hot roller, cryotherapy, fango, infra-red light, Bioptron light, ultrasound
  • Electrical therapy: High-voltage, stimulation current, diadynamic currents, two and four-chamber baths, interference current, simultaneous procedures
  • Inhalation / breathing therapy: Aerosol inhalation (PARI), breathing training with TRI-BALL, exercises for secretion elimination using VRP1-Flutter
  • Massages: Classic massage, connective tissue massage, reflexology
  • Manual joint mobilisation according to Terrier and system joint mobilisation
  • Manual lymphatic drainage
  • Hydro-Kneipp therapy: Kneipp showers, medical partial baths