Ergotherapeutic measures aim to achieve the greatest possible autonomy in everyday and / or working life. Our ergotherapists accompany, support and provide you with the ability to perform activities in your usual environment again which are important to you in the household, at work and during recreation.

If complete autonomy cannot be achieved again during the rehab, then relatives can be integrated into the ergotherapy to support the patient with activities of daily life.

Ergotherapeutic services

  • Individual therapy for the treatment of sensomotor and functional disorders, with neuropsychological disorders and for training in the activities of daily life (ADL).
  • Group therapy as brain performance training, for the training of fine motor skills, as household and cooking training, as creative group and for intensified hand-arm rehabilitation
  • Resource advice
  • Advice to relatives

Applied methods and concepts

  • Bobath
  • Perfetti
  • Affolter
  • Manual therapy for ergotherapists
  • Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation (PNF) for ergotherapists
  • PC-assisted, task-related training on machines