Rehabilitation care

For many years, there has been a tendency towards a shorter length of stay for patients in emergency hospitals. The Eifelhöhen-Klinik has adjusted itself to this through the establishment of interdisciplinary Intermediate Care Wards which permit the early rehabilitation of patients in all specialist areas. The three-bed spaces of the ICS are equipped as a monitoring unit, and, if required, enable intensive medical supervision at short notice. In further patient rooms, visual display monitoring is installed.

Amongst others, neurological patients who are in the early stages of rehabilitation (phase B to C-minus) are rehabilitated in the ICS, and also patients with burn injuries who require complex wound care and polytraumatised patients, i.e. patients who have suffered severe multiple injuries following accidents.

The nursing team represents one of the largest specialist areas in our establishment. Patient care is performed by registered specialist personnel who are enthusiastically supported by nursing assistants. Internal and external training for our staff ensures a level of knowledge of the highest degree. Our therapeutic care regards itself as activating care, and includes medical and basic nursing care and supervision, nursing advice and instruction for self-help.

Included in these extensive fields of activity, amongst other things, are dressing and undressing, personal hygiene, stoma care and self-help training. Furthermore, the instruction and consultation of patients and nursing relatives is performed regarding the handling of medical equipment, such as feeding, painkiller and insulin pumps. Within our clinic, we see ourselves as part of an interdisciplinary-working rehab team comprising of doctor-patient-therapist and nursing staff.