Competent – friendly – committed

The Eifelhöhen-Klinik Marmagen GmbH – rehabilitation at the edge of the Eifel National Park
As a specialist clinic for rehabilitation in the specialist areas of internal medicine, orthopaedics / traumatology and neurology, we provide medical services for rehabilitation including subsequent curative treatment or preventative care. We provide this for patients of the statutory and private health insurances and the Deutschen Rentenversicherung (German pension insurance) and the Berufsgenossenschaften (trade associations) and for direct payers.

Our basic values
atients represent the focal point of our planning and realisation of services. Our actions are orientated to the best-possible patient care in a humane atmosphere.

Our understanding of rehabilitation
The objective of rehabilitation at the Eifelhöhen-Klinik Marmagen GmbH is to achieve the greatest possible self-determination and involvement of our patients in their personal environment under consideration of their individual backgrounds. Based on 40 years of experience, our treatment and therapy concepts are continually further developed and improved under the consideration of new findings in rehabilitative medicine and science.

Rehabilitation objectives are individually agreed with the patients, and all those involved work towards achieving these objectives. The rehabilitation measures are coordinated within a team and we ensure the competent care of our patients through

  • Professional interdisciplinary cooperation
  • A high level of therapist-patient bonding
  • Excellent interaction with the referring professionals, the funding bodies, professionals involved in further treatment and relatives

Employees and management
The most valuable capital of our company is our qualified and competent staff. We develop and strengthen the skills of our personnel through systematic planning, support and implementation of further training courses. Our managers support team-orientated work, open channels of communication and active work towards the further development of the company.

Economic efficiency
We handle the resources available to us conscientiously and with care, operating active marketing and as a result securing the future of our clinic.

Quality Management
Thanks to a recognised and certified internal Quality Management, we ensure that we meet the quality requirements placed on us by patients, staff, funding bodies, referring professionals, policy makers, authorities and others, and continually and systematically improve our processes.